New Paperback Release: Precarious Passages

“The range of scholarship that this volume represents is truly impressive at every stage, and the critical undertaking that it embodies serves as a useful and insightful summation of the field.”—Review of English Studies “A compelling and generative source for scholars and students of myriad fields.”—Studies in the Novel “An insightful and illuminating read, with … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Precarious Passages

Time and Identity in Ulysses and the Odyssey

“An extraordinary piece of work: ambitious, illuminating, and erudite, exhibiting exceptional elasticity of thought and feeling.”—Vicki Mahaffey, author of Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions   “Nelson engages the reader in re-experiencing the phenomena of these absorbing narratives and all the narrative issues she treats. Nelson’s great craft is in reprising them in such a way that her readers can … Continue reading Time and Identity in Ulysses and the Odyssey

New Paperback Release: Black Well-Being

Canadian Association for American Studies Robert K. Martin Book Prize "A valuable resource. . . . Stone gives space to both fugitive and free black writers, canonical and obscure, essay and narrative, in an effort to revisit the terms of the canon and the boundaries of the black literary as it is understood for the … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Black Well-Being

Bloomsday 2022: 100 Years of Ulysses

Readers and scholars of the writer James Joyce are marking the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses on June 16, the day on which the novel takes place in 1904. Bloomsday 2022 marks not only the 100th anniversary, but also a major milestone for the Florida James Joyce Series. After having guided the series through the … Continue reading Bloomsday 2022: 100 Years of Ulysses

Marge and Julia

“This brilliant epistolary conversation reveals the deep, forthright bond between Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and her publisher’s daughter, Julia Scribner Bigham—two remarkable women who sought to create and live meaningful lives, even in the shadow of a world war. Marge and Julia is a most welcome contribution to both American literary history and the literature of … Continue reading Marge and Julia

Our 2022 Virtual Booth for the International Congress on Medieval Studies

This year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies is taking place virtually. Our virtual booth is open through May 28, 2022. On our website, use code ICMS22 for discount prices and free shipping within the U.S. Gender and Voice in Medieval French Literature and Song Edited by Rachel May Golden and Katherine Kong “With its integration of … Continue reading Our 2022 Virtual Booth for the International Congress on Medieval Studies

Spectacle, from Panhandler Books

Spectacle by Lauren Goodwin Slaughter is the fourth publication from Panhandler Books, a series launched in 2015 by Panhandler Magazine and the Department of English and World Languages at the University of West Florida. Distributed by the University Press of Florida, Panhandler Books publishes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction consistent with Panhandler’s mission to champion underrepresented literary genres. “I love the poems … Continue reading Spectacle, from Panhandler Books

Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

"Aristotle and Aquinas are ubiquitous ghostly presences in Joyce’s work. With meticulous and wide-ranging scholarship, O’Rourke provides readers with a treasure trove of insights into these appearances, touching on issues as diverse as identity, stability through change, the nature of beauty, and love. O’Rourke makes a powerful case that understanding these references is crucial to … Continue reading Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

Dissensuous Modernism

“DeMaagd’s timely study examines the changing sensescape in modernist aesthetics and gives the long-denigrated ‘lower’ senses of smell, taste, and touch their interpretive due, not only uncovering the gendering of sensory experience, but also demonstrating the extent to which sensory practices crucially involve questions of class, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, and species.”—Vicki Tromanhauser, SUNY New Paltz … Continue reading Dissensuous Modernism

Joyce Writing Disability

“A go-to source for researchers interested in modernism and disability studies. It makes concrete something we’ve always known instinctively: that Joyce’s interest in representing non-normative subject positions was ongoing rather than short-lived, extensive rather than selective.”—Vike Martina Plock, author of Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity“Addresses the major texts of Joyce, and is impressive and original in its … Continue reading Joyce Writing Disability