A Punkhouse in the Deep South

Meet the authors as they tour across the South! To learn when they're coming to your city, click here. "An illuminating and inspiring glimpse into one of America's equivalents of Crass's Dial House. . . . A worthwhile project."—The Wire “This beautifully crafted page-turner presents the outsider history of a thriving southern punkhouse where military … Continue reading A Punkhouse in the Deep South

Music in Florida: A Reading List

This selection of books offers readers the chance to delve into Florida's music scene. Read about Gainesville's place in the story of American rock and roll, the Jacksonville bands that reset the course of seventies rock, and the state's rich soul music history. Use code UPF75 for discounts and free shipping through December 16. Jacksonville and the … Continue reading Music in Florida: A Reading List

Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock

The enduring achievement and legacy of a rock movement   “Fun and informative. . . . Fans of Southern rock will appreciate Fitzgerald’s entertaining survey.”—Publishers Weekly “Finally Jacksonville is recognized for its role as the source for some of the greatest recorded American rock and roll. FitzGerald’s book launches a hundred guitar-crunching ear worms. Maybe … Continue reading Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock

New Paperback Release: Florida Soul

Florida Historical Society Charlton Tebeau Award   “Capouya allows the singers, producers, and musicians to tell their stories in their own words and to reveal the many hours they put into practicing and rehearsing their songs to tighten their harmonies and the challenges they often faced in a racially segregated society.”—No Depression   “Entertaining and colorful … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Florida Soul

Gamble Rogers

A revered champion of Americana   “It was lovely to be in a radio control room watching Gamble Rogers record music and talk segments. He always sent a smile right through the glass.”—Noah Adams, former cohost, NPR’s All Things Considered   “A work of profound insight, hypnotic storytelling, and poetic style. It is the story of … Continue reading Gamble Rogers

Phil Gernhard, Record Man

"Enigma, wunderkind, control freak, visionary, raconteur, artist advocate, shameless hustler and, in the end, kind heart, Gernhard spent four and a half decades chasing recording art and blatant novelty with the same dogged determination. Gernhard's achievements in the music business rival those of Rick Hall, Mike Curb, Phil Walden, and perhaps even Sam Phillips."—Rodney Crowell, … Continue reading Phil Gernhard, Record Man

Word of South Festival 2017

We recently traveled to Tallahassee, Florida to attend the annual Word of South Festival! We had a great time exhibiting our wide range of books in literature, history, art, gardening, outdoor activities, cooking, and much more at the weekend-long fair. Some of our authors who have won Florida Book Awards were featured speakers at the festival, including Gary Monroe, author of E. G. … Continue reading Word of South Festival 2017

Flash Sale: Music Everywhere

Congratulations to former Eagles guitarist Don Felder on his induction into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame! The ceremony will be held today in Gainesville, Florida, as part of the annual Convening Culture Conference held by the state Division of Cultural Affairs. Read about Felder’s early years making music in Florida in Music Everywhere: The … Continue reading Flash Sale: Music Everywhere