How Meteorologists Work for Good in Bad Weather

Written by Jennifer M. Collins and Charles H. Paxton, coauthors (with Robert V. Rohli) of Florida Weather and Climate: More Than Just Sunshine.   When we think about what makes good and bad weather, we both have different initial thoughts. Charles thinks over his career as a National Weather Service meteorologist and how excited he … Continue reading How Meteorologists Work for Good in Bad Weather

Geology of the Florida Keys

"A compelling narrative that weaves fascinating historical personalities and periods with the geological characteristics of the Florida Keys into a colorful tapestry. A fun, interesting, and informative read!"—Eugene C. Rankey, University of Kansas "A joy to read from two of the most prominent geologists who have worked for the better part of their careers in … Continue reading Geology of the Florida Keys

Gardening, Nature, and Outdoors Books for the Holidays

If you are looking for a gift for an outdoorsy soul, we have plenty of books on gardening, nature, and the outdoors that will trailblaze a path to their heart. You can receive discount prices on these books this week in our holiday sale! Use code XM17 for discount prices plus $1 per book shipping. … Continue reading Gardening, Nature, and Outdoors Books for the Holidays

Wildfire and the Florida Outdoors

Written by Terri Mashour, author of Backcountry Trails of Florida: A Guide to Hiking Florida’s Water Management Districts A version of this article first appeared on I am a Florida fire ecologist by trade. I worked for almost ten years at the St. Johns River Water Management District and my job was a Land … Continue reading Wildfire and the Florida Outdoors

Backcountry Trails of Florida

“A revelation for hikers. Mashour knows the backcountry of Florida like few others.”—Robert Silk, author of An Ecotourist’s Guide to the Everglades and the Florida Keys   “Provides detailed trail directions, a descriptive sense of each ecosystem, and don’t-miss highlights.”—Michal Strutin, author of Florida State Parks: A Complete Recreation Guide   Experience wild Florida with this guide … Continue reading Backcountry Trails of Florida

Florida Weather and Climate

“An outstanding explanation of Florida weather and climate processes and phenomena. A valuable read for all residents of the Sunshine State who spend time outdoors or on the water.” —Jason C. Senkbeil, University of Alabama “A unique and detailed overview of Florida weather as it relates to both small and large scale atmospheric circulations. A … Continue reading Florida Weather and Climate