New Editions in Dance

Praise for the previous edition: Choice Outstanding Academic Title “Reading such intelligent, formidable prose about Ms. Tharp is a joy.”—New York Times “Not only does Siegel furnish us with highly detailed descriptions of various Tharp works and vivid accounts of particular performances, she also tries to give us a real sense of the creative process … Continue reading New Editions in Dance

From Saloons to Steak Houses

Black beans and vice in Florida’s Cigar City “This rollicking ride through Tampa history captures the flavor of the city through the stories of some of its most colorful and legendary people and places. From bootleggers and jook joints to labor strikes and sit-ins, this is social history at its finest.”—Janine Farver, former executive director, … Continue reading From Saloons to Steak Houses

Pablo Escobar and Colombian Narcoculture

“Pablo Escobar is the quintessential Latin American drug lord. In this timely study, Pobutsky deciphers the broad impact of Escobar, not only on Colombia and the United States but on popular culture and the consumer marketplace worldwide.”—Howard Campbell, author of Drug War Zone: Frontline Dispatches from the Streets of El Paso and Juárez “Pobutsky’s innovative research … Continue reading Pablo Escobar and Colombian Narcoculture

Latin American Culture and the Limits of the Human

“Interrogates the generative space for thought and creation ‘at the limits of the human’ in Latin America. Grounded in theory and inclusive of studies of a variety of texts, including installations and performance arts, film, and literature, this volume makes a welcome contribution to work in new materialisms, ecocriticism, and Latin American cultural studies.”—Laura Barbas-Rhoden, … Continue reading Latin American Culture and the Limits of the Human

This Day in Florida History

Short takes on five centuries of history “Takes readers on a 365-day virtual tour through Florida’s 500-year history, from the first documented encounters of Indigenous peoples and Spanish colonial explorer-conquistadors through the Space Age and beyond. Expertly researched and written by professional historians, each entry reconstructs a key moment from Florida’s famously weird, frequently tumultuous … Continue reading This Day in Florida History

The Last Resort

Remembering the golden age of an immigrant community “Bravo to Monroe for capturing this little-known postwar period of South Beach history. The photographs are wonderful. Monroe’s accompanying text is personal and poignant, and it resonates.”—Allan Shulman, editor of The Discipline of Nature: Architect Alfred Browning Parker in Florida “From the mid-1950s through the 1970s, the barrier … Continue reading The Last Resort

Geopolitics, Culture, and the Scientific Imaginary in Latin America

“The most inclusive, informative, and up-to-date volume I have seen regarding science and culture in Latin America. An excellent choice for both the classroom and the individual researcher.”—Jerry Hoeg, coauthor of Reading and Writing the Latin American Landscape “What is the role played by Latin America in the formation of global science? What is the role … Continue reading Geopolitics, Culture, and the Scientific Imaginary in Latin America

Taste the Islands

Discover the flavors of the Caribbean   “Taste the Islands calls readers to the authentic tropical flavors and fascinating beat of the Caribbean. Chef Irie and Chef Thia creatively share recipes with a mosaic of approachable, fresh, and delicious ingredients representing the diverse cultures of the Caribbean.”—Allen Susser, chef and author of Allen Susser’s New World … Continue reading Taste the Islands

Language as Prayer in Finnegans Wake

“Jaurretche uses a skillful examination of the rhetorical, linguistic, psychological, and emotional elements of spirituality to establish the central significance of prayer as a tool for understanding key aspects of Joyce’s compositional strategy in Finnegans Wake.”—Michael Patrick Gillespie, coeditor of Exiles: A Critical Edition Language as Prayer in Finnegans Wake shows how James Joyce uses the language … Continue reading Language as Prayer in Finnegans Wake

Black Panther in Exile

“A fascinating, introspective biography of the life and times of former Black Panther member and African American expatriate Pete O’Neal. It breathes life and historical memory into the ancient and transnational idea that Black Lives Matter.”—Kwasi Densu, Florida A&M University “The United States government’s war against the Black Panther Party is not a thing of … Continue reading Black Panther in Exile