Flora of Florida, Volume VII

Praise for earlier volumes “An invaluable source. . . . Wunderlin’s guide brings together his years of work with the flora of Florida.”—Choice “An extremely valuable reference for professional biologists, naturalists, natural resource managers, and plant lovers.”—Economic Botany “This series will surely be the standard reference for the unique and threatened flora of the Sunshine … Continue reading Flora of Florida, Volume VII

The Greenway Imperative

“Practitioner, philosopher, and pragmatist, no one knows more about greenways than Chuck Flink. This book tells the story of communities that have transformed neglected places into prosperous places, but it also sets out a compelling vision for a national network of interconnected trails and greenspaces that can provide multiple benefits for people, communities, and our … Continue reading The Greenway Imperative

Edith Wharton and the Modern Privileges of Age

“A comprehensive and sophisticated study that draws attention to the various manifestations and implications of age and aging in modern literature. This volume goes well beyond Wharton’s body of work to offer important analyses of her contemporaries on their own terms, as well as thought-provoking comparisons of Wharton and her fellow writers.”—Gary Totten, editor of Memorial … Continue reading Edith Wharton and the Modern Privileges of Age

Joyce and Geometry

“A fascinating revelation of the importance of geometry and topography in Joyce’s work. Basing his study on rich close readings and a complex conceptual construction, McMorran connects Joyce’s linguistic experiments with non-linearity to non-Euclidean conceptions of space.”—Valérie Bénéjam, coeditor of Cognitive Joyce “In writing Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, Joyce admitted to being preoccupied with ‘squaring the circle.’ McMorran sees … Continue reading Joyce and Geometry

Panepiphanal World

An Open Access edition of this book was published with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation. It is available at https://ufdc.ufl.edu/l/AA00070774/00001. “This highly readable and well-written book covers Joyce’s main texts in order to analyze the Irish writer’s art of the epiphany with great acumen and gusto. Panepiphanal World is bound to become a classic … Continue reading Panepiphanal World

Contact, Colonialism, and Native Communities in the Southeastern United States

“An important volume that will become an indispensable resource, providing a much-needed update on early contact in the North American Southeast with a rich emphasis on the agency and social lives of past indigenous communities.”—David H. Dye, editor of New Deal Archaeology in Tennessee: Intellectual, Methodological, and Theoretical Contributions The years AD 1500–1700 were a time … Continue reading Contact, Colonialism, and Native Communities in the Southeastern United States