Great Waves and Mountains

“This volume successfully brings the vibrant history of museum and individual collecting of Japanese art into a new focus. New readings of archival matter and past histories contribute to a deeper understanding of the continuity of interest in Japanese art and culture in North America.”—Amy G. Poster, curator emerita, Asian Art, Brooklyn Museum “Offers a roadmap … Continue reading Great Waves and Mountains

Internal Logic

Maggie Taylor’s digital creations are emblematic, afterimages that invite, transport, and are unforgettable. Taylor’s images are built, layer by layer and object by object, through a disciplined studio process of trial and error. It is only through looking at dozens of these images, and spending time with them, that one begins to unravel the artist’s … Continue reading Internal Logic

To Tell a Black Story of Miami

“Powerfully breaks up ‘diverse South Florida’ as image and practice of anti-Blackness and white supremacy. McInnis critically dialogues with the storytelling testimony, pleasure, and resistance of African Americans, Bahamians, Haitians, and Afro-Cubans, showing how multiple Black South Floridas, in the keenness of literature and film, make up and unsettle Miami.”—Antonio Lopez, author of Unbecoming Blackness: The … Continue reading To Tell a Black Story of Miami

New Paperback Release: Eating in the Side Room

“A timeless publication and significant contribution to the discipline. . . . Students of African America will find Warner’s book an illuminating study, and a strong example to follow.”—Historical Archaeology “A striking interdisciplinary analysis. . . . Underscores the value of zooarchaeological analysis in informing our understanding of the past, especially of people devalued and … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Eating in the Side Room

An Irish-Jewish Politician, Joyce’s Dublin, and Ulysses

“The first full-length study of a prominent figure in Dublin history, a figure Davison argues is an important influence on Joyce’s work. Readers interested in Joyce and in Irish history and culture will find this study useful and illuminating.”—Morris Beja, coeditor of Bloomsday 100: Essays on “Ulysses”   “A fascinating account of the life and times of … Continue reading An Irish-Jewish Politician, Joyce’s Dublin, and Ulysses

New Paperback Release: A Revolution in Movement

Honorable Mention, Latin American Studies Association Mexico Section Best Book in the Humanities “A deep dive into the dance and visual art worlds of Mexico from the 1920s through the 1960s.”—Dance Teacher “Snow’s thorough research is evident.”—Choice “Provides fresh perspectives on postrevolutionary Mexican culture. . . . A useful jumping-off point for future discussions of … Continue reading New Paperback Release: A Revolution in Movement

It’s Our Movement Now

“This exciting collection offers an up close and personal view of Black women’s grassroots politics across the U.S. in the late 1970s. With evocative portrait photographs accompanying vivid biographies, It’s Our Movement Now makes readers feel like we are on the ground at the National Women’s Conference. A great read.”—Annelise Orleck, author of Rethinking American Women’s … Continue reading It’s Our Movement Now

Forces of Nature

"Clay Henderson [is] the undisputed expert on land conservation law in Florida."—Orlando Sentinel “Anyone who wants to learn more about Florida’s struggle to conserve its many unique natural landscapes will want to read this book. In addition to introducing the historical cast of characters who engaged in land conservation in Florida, Henderson reviews recent land conservation … Continue reading Forces of Nature

Allegory and the Poetic Self

“A stunning collection of essays on first-person allegorical narratives of the late Middle Ages that brings together an impressive group of scholars from different linguistic traditions.”—Katherine A. Brown, author of Boccaccio’s Fabliaux: Medieval Short Stories and the Function of Reversal  “North American and European scholars have come together in a constructive framework to underscore with insightfulness … Continue reading Allegory and the Poetic Self

Isotope Research in Zooarchaeology

“Indispensable for anyone working with zooarchaeological materials.”—Pam J. Crabtree, coeditor of Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Colonialism, Complexity and Animal Transformations   “Explains the established and ongoing development of six isotopes as applied to zooarchaeological studies. The importance of faunal isotope values is made clear for interpreting human activities and dietary patterns.”—Robert H. Tykot, coauthor of Histories of Maize … Continue reading Isotope Research in Zooarchaeology