Quarantine Reads for May 2020

Due to the overwhelming, positive response to our April "Quarantine Reads," University Press of Florida is pleased to offer a new selection of free eBooks for the month of May. This month's collection features biographies and memoirs, highlighting the lives of people—interesting, inspiring, and even infamous—from Florida and beyond. You can enjoy the digital versions … Continue reading Quarantine Reads for May 2020

Quarantine Reads from University Press of Florida

As the COVID-19 pandemic brings about significant changes in the daily lives of our readers, University Press of Florida is pleased to offer a selection of free eBooks for those in need of a good book during this time. You can enjoy these ten “Quarantine Reads” for free on eReaders such as Kindle, Nook, and … Continue reading Quarantine Reads from University Press of Florida

Hurricanes: A Reading List

Florida is notorious for its most prominent natural event—the hurricane. As a scholarly publisher located in the state, University Press of Florida has many books on the history and science of these devastating storms. This list of books offers detailed accounts of infamous hurricanes from the past, as well as insight into why tropical cyclones happen … Continue reading Hurricanes: A Reading List

Terrifying Tales

Here at the University Press of Florida, our Halloween celebrations involve, you guessed it, books! Find a taste of just a few terrifying tales from our shelves below. Our scariest new release, St. Augustine's Ghosts, collects 38 spine-chilling tales features famous spirits from St. Augustine’s legendary paranormal past. Set in the city’s iconic cemeteries, courtyards, and houses, … Continue reading Terrifying Tales

Haiti: A Reading List

In the wake of President Trump’s recent comments regarding immigrants to the United States from Haiti, we’ve curated a list of our books about Haiti’s deep history and rich cultural heritage. Soundly researched and well written, these books provide an opportunity for readers everywhere to learn about the true nature of the Caribbean nation that … Continue reading Haiti: A Reading List

Cuba: A Reading List

In the wake of Fidel Castro's death, coupled with the restoration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, interest in the country has spiked. We've curated a selection of our books on Cuba's revolution, culture, and daily life for both those planning to visit as well as those wanting to learn more about the … Continue reading Cuba: A Reading List