Holiday Book Sale 2020

Read our holiday catalog to browse new releases and bestselling classics from University Press of Florida. Use code XM20 for discount prices and free shipping through December 16. If you don't see what you're looking for, visit our website—all UPF books are on sale! Orders over $50 will receive a free UPF 75th anniversary … Continue reading Holiday Book Sale 2020

The Women Behind the Apollo Space Suit

By Bill Ayrey, author of Lunar Outfitters: Making the Apollo Space Suit This book is available at a discount price and free shipping through December 16, 2020. Order here and use code XM20 at checkout. It was just over a year ago that we celebrated the 50-year anniversary of Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the … Continue reading The Women Behind the Apollo Space Suit


“Gálvez’s fresh, vivid, personal, and direct prose is a delight to read. We travel in time with these spontaneous writings, and we can feel the pain and the endurance of Cuban émigrés and patriots in nineteenth-century Tampa longing for their Patria.”—Madeline Cámara Betancourt, author of Cuban Women Writers: Imagining a Matria   “Gálvez opens an important … Continue reading Tampa

Ordinary Masochisms

“Offers a series of provocative readings of ‘everyday masochisms’ across the nineteenth and twentieth century. Rather than defining this as a ‘perversion,’ Mitchell reveals the sheer mundanity of masochism, expressed in courtship rituals, marriage, religious worship, school, and the workplace. In doing so, Mitchell uncovers the paradoxically painful pleasures of the reading experience itself.”—Sarah Parker, … Continue reading Ordinary Masochisms

Welcome to Our 2020 SEAC Virtual Booth

This year’s Southeastern Archaeological Conference has been postponed to 2021. However, our virtual booth is open through December 16 and offers great deals on our Southeastern archaeology titles. Use code SEAC20 for discount prices and free shipping. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth Read on for highlights and bonus material from … Continue reading Welcome to Our 2020 SEAC Virtual Booth


“Highly original, informative, and comprehensive. Roberts describes what we know about the natural history, genetics, biological, and medical aspects of infection with M. leprae; provides a detailed global history of leprosy in human populations through a synthesis of the historical and bioarchaeological literature; and encourages us to consider the biocultural and social implications of this often … Continue reading Leprosy

Music in Florida: A Reading List

This selection of books offers readers the chance to delve into Florida's music scene. Read about Gainesville's place in the story of American rock and roll, the Jacksonville bands that reset the course of seventies rock, and the state's rich soul music history. Use code UPF75 for discounts and free shipping through December 16. Jacksonville and the … Continue reading Music in Florida: A Reading List

Florida Springs: A Reading List

Featuring the underwater photography of Bruce Mozert, the life story of explorer and activist Wes Skiles, and an analysis of serious freshwater problems today, these books take readers on a journey across Florida to learn about the state's beautiful natural springs. Find out why Florida's springs are so beloved, what threatens the springs, and how … Continue reading Florida Springs: A Reading List

Case Studies in Suburban Sustainability

“Using diverse theories and methods by scholars across many disciplines, this volume addresses critical social and environmental issues such as climate change and sustainable land and water management.”—Heejun Chang, Portland State University “By presenting the material through a regional lens, this volume helps readers to understand sustainability not only in suburban settings broadly but also … Continue reading Case Studies in Suburban Sustainability

The Making of Mississippian Tradition

“A significant and important study of the interactions and influences of Cahokia with its northern neighbors, featuring the most comprehensive available description of the regionally significant Audrey site in the Lower Illinois Valley.”—Lynne P. Sullivan, coeditor of Mississippian Women “An interesting and well-written volume that provides much-needed information on the varied ways that hinterland communities adapted … Continue reading The Making of Mississippian Tradition