The War Worth Fighting

As celebrations mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, we are proud to present Stephen D. Engle's The War Worth Fighting, a collection of essays offering new perspectives on Abraham Lincoln’s role as president and commander-in-chief. Abraham Lincoln led our nation through its bloodiest war, abolishing slavery, vindicating democracy, and creating a blueprint for reconstruction along the way. … Continue reading The War Worth Fighting

The President Often Lost in Lincoln’s Shadow

James Buchanan and the Coming of the Civil War Edited by John W. Quist and Michael J. Birkner Pubdate: 3/19/2013 In 1856, four years before the towering figure of Lincoln, Americans chose James Buchanan to provide the leadership that might calm sectional tensions and prevent the shattering of the nation. Many people think Buchanan failed to … Continue reading The President Often Lost in Lincoln’s Shadow