Great Waves and Mountains

“This volume successfully brings the vibrant history of museum and individual collecting of Japanese art into a new focus. New readings of archival matter and past histories contribute to a deeper understanding of the continuity of interest in Japanese art and culture in North America.”—Amy G. Poster, curator emerita, Asian Art, Brooklyn Museum “Offers a roadmap … Continue reading Great Waves and Mountains

Arts of South Asia

“An important volume that explores the intentions behind several major early collections of South Asian art made for appreciation outside South Asia. The lively interplay of cultural interests and attitudes that are revealed, the ways these have changed over time, and the attention given here to some lesser-known collections and objects greatly enrich understanding of … Continue reading Arts of South Asia

Arts of Korea

“A striking new addition to the field. Belongs alongside similar histories of the overseas development of other Asian countries’ major Asian art collections.”—Jinyoung Jin, director of cultural programs, Stony Brook University “An exemplary array of 16 essays presenting case studies from U.K. and U.S. museums that are collecting and exhibiting Korean art, as well as … Continue reading Arts of Korea