Afro-Cuban Religious Arts

Afro-Cuban Religious Arts: Popular Expressions of Cultural Inheritance in Espiritismo and Santería by Kristine Juncker From a plantation in Havana Province in the 1880s to a religious center in Spanish Harlem in the 1960s, this book profiles four generations of women from one Afro-Cuban religious family. Each woman was a medium in Espiritismo and also … Continue reading Afro-Cuban Religious Arts

Monumental Dreams: The Life and Sculpture of Ann Norton

"They were two people who didn't seem to fit together. But the shy, determined Ann Weaver and the rich, gregarious Ralph Norton shared one thing - a passionate love of art. . . . A relationship slowly developed, one that was to forever alter the cultural landscape of Palm Beach County. After all, their names … Continue reading Monumental Dreams: The Life and Sculpture of Ann Norton

Africa in Florida

Africa in Florida: Five Hundred Years of African Presence in the Sunshine State Edited by Amanda B. Carlson and Robin Poynor We're excited to showcase this beautiful new book! Full of vibrant artwork, poems, photographs, maps, and descriptions of music and dance, Africa in Florida looks at the countless ways immigrants from Africa have impacted Florida’s … Continue reading Africa in Florida