Archaeology of Domestic Landscapes of the Enslaved in the Caribbean

“An important resource for understanding enslavement and colonialism in the Caribbean, containing a wide array of archaeological contexts. Contributors recognize ways that the built environment may have been a site of self-determination for the enslaved occupants, and repeatedly show that slavery was in no way uniform.”—John M. Chenoweth, author of Simplicity, Equality, and Slavery: An Archaeology … Continue reading Archaeology of Domestic Landscapes of the Enslaved in the Caribbean

Honoring Ancestors in Sacred Space

“Provides new insights into how enslaved and freed Africans in the New World navigated racialized landscapes while honoring the memories of their dead.”—Laurie A. Wilkie, coauthor of Sampling Many Pots: An Archaeology of Memory and Tradition at a Bahamian Plantation “Turner’s unique hybrid approach makes this book a valuable resource in the study of the … Continue reading Honoring Ancestors in Sacred Space

Freedom and Resistance

“Brilliant. Puts the Bahamas on the map with Jamaica, Antigua, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone as sites where black refugees who fled the American victory in the War of Independence added mightily to the economy and religious life in their new homes.”—John Saillant, author of Black Puritan, Black Republican: The Life and Thought of Lemuel … Continue reading Freedom and Resistance

Race and Class in the Colonial Bahamas, 1880-1960

"Deftly unravels the complex historical interrelationships of race, color, class, economics, and environment in the Colonial Bahamas. An invaluable study for scholars who conduct comparative research on the British Caribbean."--Rosalyn Howard, author of Black Seminoles in the Bahamas "Saunders is to be commended for a scholarly study that prominently features the non-white majority in the … Continue reading Race and Class in the Colonial Bahamas, 1880-1960

New books for April!

We are pleased to announce the publication of four brand-new books in literature and archaeology: The Politics of Race in Panama: Afro-Hispanic and West Indian Literary Discourses of Contention by Sonja Stephenson Watson Fresh from the printer, this book was a huge success at the University of Florida’s Conference of the Center for Latin American Studies … Continue reading New books for April!