Embracing Cuba

Stunning photographs from the once-forbidden island A photographer intrigued by tales of his parents’ long-ago journey to pre-revolutionary Cuba is the author behind our new photography book: Embracing Cuba. “Motley’s images of Cuba’s people, arts, design, and public life are remarkable.”—Ellen M. Harrington, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “One can immediately look at Motley’s … Continue reading Embracing Cuba

Havana Hardball

Relive the tumultuous preseason before Robinson broke the color barrier Today marks the release of a book that illuminates one of baseball's most pivotal seasons: Havana Hardball: Spring Training, Jackie Robinson, and the Cuban League.  “An in-depth look at a pivotal time in baseball history.”—Lou Hernández, author of Baseball’s Great Hispanic Pitchers “Set against the backdrop … Continue reading Havana Hardball