Pre-Columbian Art of the Caribbean

“A learned and detailed overview of indigenous Caribbean art. A pleasure to read.”—Samuel M. Wilson, author of The Archaeology of the Caribbean “An important contribution to our understanding of how art was integrated into the fabric of culture, society, and daily life in the precolonial Caribbean. Waldron brings an art historical perspective to the full range … Continue reading Pre-Columbian Art of the Caribbean

Ceramics of Ancient America

“In its broad topical and geographical scope, this volume demonstrates the many ways scholars can productively study ancient ceramics and the diversity of questions their studies can address.”—Christopher A. Pool, coeditor of The Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology “Expansive in scope, including cases spanning millennia and traversing North, Central, and South America, this interdisciplinary collection of … Continue reading Ceramics of Ancient America

Creole Clay

“Artfully combines personal narrative, ethno­graphic insight, and an artisan’s treatise on material culture and production techniques to bring quotidian Caribbean ceramic wares to life as material expressions of cultural adaptation and markers of the region’s socio-economic history.”—Michael R. McDonald, author of Food Culture in Central America   “Weaves a complex history that links the Ca­ribbean with … Continue reading Creole Clay

Setting the Table

“A long-needed comparison between Spanish and Spanish colonial sites, showing how both inform us about Spanish identity at home and abroad.”—Charles R. Ewen, coeditor of Pieces of Eight: More Archaeology of Piracy “The first systematic attempt to consider the eighteenth-century archaeological record in Spain and measure it against the decades-long research in St. Augustine. It … Continue reading Setting the Table

Handbook of Ceramic Animal Symbols in the Ancient Lesser Antilles

We are proud to announce the latest book in the Florida Museum of Natural History's Ripley P. Bullen Series, published by the University of Florida Press. "A true Amerindian bestiary. Illustrates the profound relationship between the Antillean zoomorphic iconology and the ideas, mythic traditions, and ideology behind them."--Arie Boomert, coauthor of The 1946 and 1953 … Continue reading Handbook of Ceramic Animal Symbols in the Ancient Lesser Antilles

Sherds of History

This title and all historical archaeology titles are currently discounted in our Conference on Historical & Underwater Archaeology sale. Use code CHUA15 at checkout. Today we proudly publish Myriam Arcangeli's Sherds of History: Domestic Life in Colonial Guadeloupe.  "If pots could talk, their most interesting stories would be about ceramic cultures," says Arcangeli in the opening of her book. Ceramics … Continue reading Sherds of History

UPF Announces Three New Archaeology Books

We are proud to present three milestone works in archaeology, just released from University Press of Florida:   The Archaeology of American Cities by Nan A. Rothschild and Diana diZerega Wall “Unrivaled in scope. An essential work for urban historical archaeologists.” —Adrian Praetzellis, author of Dug to Death At the leading edge of Urban archaeology, an … Continue reading UPF Announces Three New Archaeology Books

Collectors, Collections, and Collecting the Arts of China

Collectors, Collections, and Collecting the Arts of China: Histories and Challenges Edited by Jason Steuber, with Guolong Lai “Essential reading for anyone interested in how the passion of collecting, that pursuit of beautiful and compelling objects, contributed to the formation of our present-day understanding and appreciation of Chinese art.”—Kris Imants Ercums, Curator of Asian Art, … Continue reading Collectors, Collections, and Collecting the Arts of China