Spring 2019 Paperback Releases

Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir by Halifu Osumare “Osumare has engaged with black dance as performer, choreographer, educator, arts administrator, researcher, and activist in the United States, Africa, and Europe, and through multiple careers. In this equal parts memoir, autoethnography, history, encyclopedic catalog, and sociocultural analysis, she traces her activities from the 1960s through the … Continue reading Spring 2019 Paperback Releases

Geology of the Florida Keys

"A compelling narrative that weaves fascinating historical personalities and periods with the geological characteristics of the Florida Keys into a colorful tapestry. A fun, interesting, and informative read!"—Eugene C. Rankey, University of Kansas "A joy to read from two of the most prominent geologists who have worked for the better part of their careers in … Continue reading Geology of the Florida Keys

Gatorbytes Behind-the-Story: When the Seas Rise

In April 2015, the University of Florida and the University Press of Florida launched Gatorbytes, a digital book series following the innovative research taking place at UF. Intended to pique the interests of the intellectually curious and to share the stories behind the discoveries being made at UF, the books are written by professional journalists.  “They know how … Continue reading Gatorbytes Behind-the-Story: When the Seas Rise

Site Formation Processes of Submerged Shipwrecks

"A major step forward in the effort to create and synthesize a body of formation theory for shipwreck sites by cataloguing the myriad factors affecting such sites across a number of academic fields, ranging from geology and oceanography to history and sociology."—John M. O’Shea, author of Ships and Shipwrecks of the Au Sable Shores Region … Continue reading Site Formation Processes of Submerged Shipwrecks

Ancestors of Worthy Life

This title and all historical archaeology titles are currently discounted in our Conference on Historical & Underwater Archaeology sale. Use code CHUA15 at checkout. Today we publish Teresa S. Moyer's Ancestors of Worthy Life: Plantation Slavery and Black Heritage at Mount Clare. The newest title in our Cultural Heritage Studies Series, Ancestors of Worthy Life examines historic preservation at Baltimore's Mount … Continue reading Ancestors of Worthy Life

Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science

 “Readers of [Shinn’s] autobiography are likely to be…charmed.”—The New York Times “A must-read.”—Geologos “Read the book, and become a friend of a most remarkable man”—AAPG Explorer We are pleased to introduce the new paperback edition of Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science, an autobiography by geologist Gene Shinn. Known worldwide among geologists, marine scientists, and … Continue reading Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science

The Most Interesting Man in Earth Science

Bootstrap Geologist: My Life in Science  By Gene Shinn Pubdate: 4/9/2013 Hard work, perseverance, and passion have allowed Gene Shinn to make major geological discoveries. Without an advanced degree, but possessing a tremendous work ethic and insatiable curiosity, Shinn parlayed a background in music, biology, spearfishing, and salvage diving into a career that earned him the … Continue reading The Most Interesting Man in Earth Science