Show Thyself a Man

"Mixon's examination of black militias in post-emancipation Georgia and their fight for citizenship and equality provides a powerful and compelling portrait of the social revolution process at the grassroots level."--Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie, author of Freedom's Seekers: Essays on Comparative Emancipation "Tells the story of the rise and fall of black militia units in Georgia during … Continue reading Show Thyself a Man

Mary Edwards Bryan

“Sheds new light on one of the nineteenth century South’s most accomplished yet understudied writers. Brown and River’s study of Mary Edwards Bryan presents some of her best writings within the context of her time.”—James M. Denham, coeditor of Echoes from a Distant Frontier: The Brown Sisters’ Correspondence from Antebellum Florida “A lost writer of … Continue reading Mary Edwards Bryan

Endgame for Empire

"Since so much of Indian-European relations and the course of the American Revolution in the South pivoted on how the Creeks and British dealt with each other, illuminating that relationship is of critical importance. Juricek demonstrates an absolute mastery of the sources and a bone-deep understanding of the nuances of both Creek and British culture."—Joshua … Continue reading Endgame for Empire

A History of Andersonville Prison – Sonia Dickey UPF staff guest post

Cutting Edge Scholarship & Academic Mentorship: Considering "A History of Andersonville Prison" by Sonia Dickey Sonia Dickey wears several hats here at UPF, balancing subrights and permissions, grants coordination, and acquisitions responsibilities. In this guest post, she responds to the 2012 UPF staff retreat assignment with a thoughtful consideration of "History of Andersonville Prison," by Ovid … Continue reading A History of Andersonville Prison – Sonia Dickey UPF staff guest post