Handmade in Cuba

“A masterful integration of word and image that is a feast for the senses.”—Richard Blanco, presidential inaugural poet and author of How to Love a Country “Handmade in Cuba transmits the generosity of the Vigía project and Rolando Estévez’s spirit through its contributors’ critical desire to explore the strategies that make Vigía’s books so appealing. It … Continue reading Handmade in Cuba

Images from Handmade in Cuba

Written by Ruth Behar, coeditor of Handmade in Cuba: Rolando Estévez and the Beautiful Books of Ediciones Vigía In the era of the pandemic, as toilet paper and other products have disappeared from store shelves, and as people have needed to stand in line for food in the United States, the shortages and rationing that … Continue reading Images from Handmade in Cuba