Modernist Soundscapes

“Deftly unites insights from sound studies with in-depth literary analysis to examine the ways in which emerging auditory technologies influenced the narrative strategies of modernist novelists.”—Julia C. Obert, author of Postcolonial Overtures: The Politics of Sound in Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry “A trenchant study of the diversity of sonic experience both discussed within and provoked by … Continue reading Modernist Soundscapes

At Fault

“Offers an array of insights, observations, and intuitions, and is bursting at the seams with one smart idea or curious fact after another.”—John Gordon, author of Joyce and Reality: The Empirical Strikes Back “Witty and perceptive considerations of Joyce’s works via the prevailing metaphor of the centrifuge. Joyce’s works similarly reveal a wide range of backgrounds … Continue reading At Fault

Ulysses Unbound

“Easily the best companion to Ulysses for first-time readers and seasoned scholars alike. Killeen brings in multiple levels of expertise: he has a fantastic knowledge of Joyce, of Ulysses, of Dublin, and of Joyce criticism. He writes with clarity, expertise, and affection.”—Sam Slote, coeditor of Renascent Joyce   Ideal for readers new to Ulysses and written with a depth of knowledge … Continue reading Ulysses Unbound

Joyce and the Law

"A capacious, generative, and important collection with far-ranging implications for Joyce studies and for our understanding of literature’s relationship to law. Goldman brings together a tremendous group of scholars, critics, and legal practitioners whose rich perspectives set the terms for an enduring conversation on the place of law in Joyce and in culture broadly conceived."—Ravit … Continue reading Joyce and the Law

James Joyce in London: Where English-Language Modernism Began

Written by Eleni Loukopoulou, author of Up to Maughty London: Joyce's Cultural Capital in the Imperial Metropolis    "The metropolis of the British Empire was the place where [Joyce], like many other Irish, aspired to move and publish as a young man and where the majority of his work eventually appeared." —Eleni Loukopoulou, Up To Maughty London     In … Continue reading James Joyce in London: Where English-Language Modernism Began

Up to Maughty London

“Fundamentally alters the received wisdom which tends to award Paris a far more central place in the making of Joyce the modernist.”—John McCourt, author of The Years of Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste 1904–1920 “In readings equally attentive to text, avant-text, and context, this book shows us how many roads in Joyce’s life and work led … Continue reading Up to Maughty London


"Joyce's one play finally gets the critical attention it deserves."--Sam Slote, coeditor of Renascent Joyce "Carefully selected discussions illuminate both Joyce's Exiles and Joyce's exile--and, as well, the sense of exile throughout Joyce's work."--Morris Beja, coeditor of Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses "A major contribution to Joyce studies: a fine introduction, a critical text of Exiles that faithfully … Continue reading Exiles

Intern Guest Post: The Florida James Joyce Series

Written by Katie Varan, marketing intern at the University Press of Florida When I first started interning at the press, I did what any other curious intern would do and glanced over the titles that have been published through the years. Not surprisingly, the English major in me took control and the first place I … Continue reading Intern Guest Post: The Florida James Joyce Series

Joyce’s Allmaziful Plurabilities

. "A brilliantly collaged snapshot of the variety and wealth of literary criticism, and Joyce studies, today."—Tony Thwaites, author of Joycean Temporalities "Celebrates the multiplicity and sheer rampant excess of Joyce's prodigally polysemous text with seventeen different scholars employing a likewise prodigal range of critical methodologies."—Patrick O'Neill, author of Impossible Joyce: Finnegans Wakes "Each of … Continue reading Joyce’s Allmaziful Plurabilities

A Collection of Banned Books

Author Jay A. Gertzman's book, Samuel Roth, Infamous Modernist, profiles a man whose work broke down many of the censorship laws of the time. In celebration of the paperback release of his book, Jay Gertzman held a party at which he showcased not only his book but also the books in his collection of banned works. In his … Continue reading A Collection of Banned Books