Under the Shade of Thipaak

“This groundbreaking volume takes the cycad-human relationship out of the scholarly shadows. It will serve as the primary source for the importance of the Cycadales order in past, present, and future human societies.”—Dolores R. Piperno, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute   “Moves beyond the narrow focus of agricultural, culinary, and iconographic studies and demonstrates the importance of … Continue reading Under the Shade of Thipaak

Ancient West Mexicos

“This volume highlights the new theoretical and methodological approaches being used by researchers in the large Mesoamerican territory considered to be western Mexico. Not focused on a single area, the chapters cover most parts of the region and range temporally from the Formative to the Late Postclassic periods.”—Helen Perlstein Pollard, author of Taríacuri's Legacy: The Prehispanic … Continue reading Ancient West Mexicos