Our 2022 MSA Virtual Booth and Book Sale

This year’s Modernist Studies Association conference was held in Portland, OR from October 27 through October 30. Our virtual booth is open through November 30, 2022 and offers great deals on our Modernist studies titles. Use code MSA22 for discount prices and free shipping within the U.S. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth Read on for highlights … Continue reading Our 2022 MSA Virtual Booth and Book Sale

Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

"Aristotle and Aquinas are ubiquitous ghostly presences in Joyce’s work. With meticulous and wide-ranging scholarship, O’Rourke provides readers with a treasure trove of insights into these appearances, touching on issues as diverse as identity, stability through change, the nature of beauty, and love. O’Rourke makes a powerful case that understanding these references is crucial to … Continue reading Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas