Heritage and Democracy: Crisis, Critique, and Collaboration

“With a series of well-researched and rich ethnographic case studies, this volume offers a wholesale reappraisal of how scholars might view heritage and democracy. It suggests how cultural heritage might be seen as more than an ‘authorizing’ or ‘valorizing’ discourse and instead as a form of praxis intimately linked to democratic theory.”—Brian I. Daniels, director … Continue reading Heritage and Democracy: Crisis, Critique, and Collaboration

Mobilizing Heritage

“Compelling, energizing, and foundational. Opens up an anthropological orientation, one which is welcome and exhilarating. Lafrenz Samuels’s equally significant introduction of the transnational as a new orientation in heritage studies offers an escape route from the conception of heritage as monopolized by the nation-state.”—Denis Byrne, author of Counterheritage: Critical Perspectives on Heritage Conservation in Asia “Intellectually … Continue reading Mobilizing Heritage