The Politics of Language in Puerto Rico: Revisited

“A significant contribution to the continuing contentious debate on the status of Puerto Rico. . . . In addition to archival resources, the author includes interviews with prominent Puerto Rican political leaders in and out of government to provide a historical and contemporary basis for understanding the language issue on the island.”—Choice   “A welcome … Continue reading The Politics of Language in Puerto Rico: Revisited

Crônicas Brasileiras

Crônicas Brasileiras: A Reader, Third Edition Edited by Charles A. Perrone, Dário Borim Jr., and Célia R. Bianconi Learning to speak Portuguese? This delightful collection of crônicas—“urban chronicles,” short writings about everyday life—will help you develop your reading, speaking, and writing knowledge of Portuguese as it is actually used in present-day Brazil. Teachers: With a … Continue reading Crônicas Brasileiras