Recipe from Shrimp Country: Mom’s Shrimp

Wholesome meals made with fresh, local ingredients are what Shrimp Country is all about. “Mom’s Shrimp,” the dish on the cover of the book, embodies both southern cooking and coastal living. From a “comfy little dollhouse of a restaurant” called Glow in Rockport, Texas, this dish offers all the comforts of home. Chef Karey Lynn Butterworth’s mother passed … Continue reading Recipe from Shrimp Country: Mom’s Shrimp

Pickled, Fried, and Fresh

A pioneer in the local food movement shares his southern kitchen and bold recipes The local food movement continues to take the food industry by storm, and today we are publishing a cookbook that represents how Florida chefs are using local food ingredients to create their own exciting niche in southern cuisine: Pickled, Fried, and Fresh: Bert … Continue reading Pickled, Fried, and Fresh