Teaching a Medieval Poem in East Los Angeles

Written by Michael Calabrese, author of An Introduction to Piers Plowman . You’ve heard of Chaucer. But do you know Piers Plowman? Let me introduce this marvelous medieval epic: written by William Langland, Piers Plowman is a long allegorical poem from the late 14th century, chronicling the dreams and wanderings of a man named “Will”—the … Continue reading Teaching a Medieval Poem in East Los Angeles

An Introduction to Piers Plowman

"A comprehensive and witty guide to understanding Piers Plowman in all its versions and a manifesto for the pure intellectual pleasure to be had from reading the text as it dynamically unfolds in each of the poet's reworkings."--Sarah Wood, author of Conscience and the Composition of Piers Plowman "By innovatively working through all three of … Continue reading An Introduction to Piers Plowman

October Review Roundup: Authoberfest

As fall rolls along, our authors continue to impress with their stunning books. Over 100 news stories and magazine articles talked about our books with great excitement. With all of these reviews and tons of author events, October turned into something of an Authoberfest. We celebrate just some highlights below.     “From intimate wildlife close-ups … Continue reading October Review Roundup: Authoberfest