Bioarchaeology Journals and Book Series from UF Press

Today we are highlighting two journals and a book series published by the University of Florida Press: the journals Bioarchaeology International and Forensic Anthropology, and the book series Bioarchaeological Interpretations of the Human Past.  Bioarchaeology International Gwen Robbins Schug and Siân E. Halcrow, Editors-in-Chief Bioarchaeology International provides rigorous peer-reviewed publication of substantive articles in the … Continue reading Bioarchaeology Journals and Book Series from UF Press


“A book of great scope. Researchers of different disciplinary backgrounds problematize a simple question: what constitutes a massacre? Is it the number buried, their demographics, the cause of death, or the treatment of remains? This book represents a new foundation for the study of massacres.”—R. Brian Ferguson, editor of The State, Identity and Violence: Political Disintegration … Continue reading Massacres