"Joyce's one play finally gets the critical attention it deserves."--Sam Slote, coeditor of Renascent Joyce "Carefully selected discussions illuminate both Joyce's Exiles and Joyce's exile--and, as well, the sense of exile throughout Joyce's work."--Morris Beja, coeditor of Bloomsday 100: Essays on Ulysses "A major contribution to Joyce studies: a fine introduction, a critical text of Exiles that faithfully … Continue reading Exiles

James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination

NEW! James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination by Michael Patrick Gillespie “As Gillespie combines national, geographical, and historical contexts with close readings of Joyce’s works, the theme of exile takes on unexpected nuances.”—Margot Norris, editor of Dubliners “Casts significant new light on Joyce’s writings.”—John Paul Riquelme, editor of A Portrait of the Artist as a … Continue reading James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination