Precarious Passages

“Makes a compelling case for a rethinking of narrative moments including slavery, the Middle Passage, and colonization that have defined the fiction produced in a transatlantic geography. Provokes a reassessment of notions of Africa as an ur-home and figurations of nation-state. A must-read.”—Maxine Lavon Montgomery, author of The Fiction of Gloria Naylor: Houses and Spaces … Continue reading Precarious Passages

Migration and Disruptions

“Artfully integrates scholarship on both past and present migration. With its thematic focus on disruption, this volume develops unprecedented nuance in the treatment of migration.”—Graciela S. Cabana, coeditor of Rethinking Anthropological Perspectives on Migration “A significant contribution to the social sciences. Migration and Disruptions demonstrates the importance of collaboration and constructive dialogues between the traditional … Continue reading Migration and Disruptions

Entangling Migration History

"A stimulating collection of new scholarship that brings together three approaches to the history of migration--comparative, transnational, and borderlands--to tell histories of connection across geopolitical boundaries."—Jordan Stanger-Ross, author of Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia "Highlights how migrants shaped local, regional, and transnational connections across time, place, and ethnicities."—Stephanie … Continue reading Entangling Migration History

American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2015

Last week our director, Meredith Morris-Babb, traveled to St. Louis to take part in the 84th Annual AAPA meeting, connect with scholars, and display UPF's wide collection of physical anthropology books! Our booth featured over 30 different titles from a varied group of archaeologists and anthropologists. If you missed the booth in person, you can see … Continue reading American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2015

Whooping Cranes & Ongoing Survival: Guest Post by Kathleen Kaska

Whooping Cranes’ Battle for Survival Continues Part Two: Escaping the Bullet By Kathleen Kaska In the past five decades since ornithologist Robert Porter Allen and his team of nest hunters searched for the whooping crane nesting site in Canada, the population has slowly increased. Dozens of organizations see to their protection, hundreds of scientists and … Continue reading Whooping Cranes & Ongoing Survival: Guest Post by Kathleen Kaska