Picturing Apollo 11

“50 years ago this July, Neil Armstrong took ‘one giant leap for mankind’ as he became the first human to step foot on the moon’s surface—and now, never-before-seen pictures provide a unique glimpse behind the profound 1969 voyage.”—Daily Mail “Across 10 well-organized chapters, the selected images capture the country’s mounting excitement; the meticulous preparation of … Continue reading Picturing Apollo 11

A Victorianist’s Take on the Graphic Novel

Written by Catherine J. Golden, author of Serials to Graphic Novels: The Evolution of the Victorian Illustrated Book   My sons introduced me to graphic novels. When they were teens, their bookshelves overflowed with the latest issues of Shonen Jump (a Japanese manga series), Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, and DC Comics books about … Continue reading A Victorianist’s Take on the Graphic Novel