Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

This fall, while some conferences are planning in person meetings, many are still offering online formats or hybrid options. We are hosting online virtual booths and book sales on our website in connection with the meetings below. Whether you are attending these meetings in person or virtually, visit our virtual booths for deep discounts on … Continue reading Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

Welcome to Our 2020 MSA Virtual Booth

This year’s Modernist Studies Association Conference will take place online in October. Our virtual booth is open through December 16 and offers great deals on our Modernist studies titles. Use code MSA20 for discount prices and free shipping. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth Read on for highlights and bonus material … Continue reading Welcome to Our 2020 MSA Virtual Booth

Modernist Studies Association 2018

UPF acquisitions editor Stephanye Hunter recently traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to attend the Modernist Studies Association annual conference. It was great to display some of our new modern literature books and meet with UPF authors and scholars attending the conference! Angela Frattarola, author of Modernist Soundscapes: Auditory Technology and the Novel Amanda Golden, editor of … Continue reading Modernist Studies Association 2018

UPF on the Road: A Look at Our 2016–2017 Exhibit Season

Last year, we traveled across the U.S. and Canada to display our books at conferences and book fairs. Join us in looking back over this past year of exhibits! We started off the 2016–2017 exhibit season with the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance at Savannah, Georgia in September 2016. In October we went to the annual meeting … Continue reading UPF on the Road: A Look at Our 2016–2017 Exhibit Season

Modernist Studies Association 2016

UPF recently traveled to the West Coast to attend the 2016 Modernist Studies Association conference in beautiful Pasadena, California! We had a wonderful time exhibiting our books in modernist literature and had the chance to mingle with scholars in the field. We saw some of our authors at the conference, including Amanda Golden, editor of This Business of Words: Reassessing … Continue reading Modernist Studies Association 2016

Modernist Studies Association 2014

This past weekend our acquisitions editor Shannon McCarthy traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with scholars and display UPF books at the annual Modernist Studies Association conference. Take a look at some photos from the book room!  We displayed our newest books in Modernist Studies, and several UPF authors stopped by our tables to say hello: Hear … Continue reading Modernist Studies Association 2014