Anthropological Perspectives on Aging

“This outstanding and engaging body of work examines the various nuances of aging using a holistic and cross-field approach. One to add to a personal library.”—Elisha R. Oliver, Oklahoma State University   “Older adults have been invisible in both academia and the real world for thousands of years. This book helps to make them visible.”—Christine Cave, … Continue reading Anthropological Perspectives on Aging

American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2015

Last week our director, Meredith Morris-Babb, traveled to St. Louis to take part in the 84th Annual AAPA meeting, connect with scholars, and display UPF's wide collection of physical anthropology books! Our booth featured over 30 different titles from a varied group of archaeologists and anthropologists. If you missed the booth in person, you can see … Continue reading American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2015