Our 2022 ASALH Virtual Booth and Book Sale

This year's ASALH Conference took place in Montgomery, Alabama from September 29 to October 1, 2022. Our virtual booth is open through November 30, 2022 and offers great deals on our African American studies titles. Use code ALH22 for discount prices and free shipping within the U.S. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual BoothRead on for highlights and … Continue reading Our 2022 ASALH Virtual Booth and Book Sale

New Paperback Release: Sacraments of Memory

“An incisive account of Catholicism’s presence within the post-1960s genre of the neo-slave narrative and its long-standing history in the African-American literary tradition. . . . Salius’ work truly inaugurates a new sub-field in African-American literary criticism, one that reimagines a multi-disciplinary, trans-historical, and cross-genre approach to U.S. Catholicism and the literature of slavery.”—Christianity and … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Sacraments of Memory

Sacraments of Memory

“An excellent model of the research and critical analyses that ought to inform future scholarship in African American literature and culture.”—Jerry W. Ward Jr., coeditor of The Cambridge History of African American Literature   “Brilliant and insightful. Fills a gap in the study of African American literature and religion, which has traditionally assumed a Protestant theological … Continue reading Sacraments of Memory