Ancient Andean Houses

“A theoretically sophisticated and data-rich discussion of households and architecture in the Andes. This is a must-have for any Andeanist library.”—Charles Stanish, author of The Evolution of Human Co-operation: Ritual and Social Complexity in Stateless Societies“Moore shines a bright light on the essential nature of houses as physical structures and as social entities that perform symbolic … Continue reading Ancient Andean Houses

The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis, Revised Edition

“Compelling new evidence, careful documentation, and an artfully woven narrative make The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis a path-breaking book for sociocultural scholars as well as for general readers interested in the politics of identity, ethnicity, gender, and the colonial and U.S. Western history.”—Transforming Anthropology “Voss’s lucid explanations of method and theory make the book accessible to … Continue reading The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis, Revised Edition