New Directions in the Search for the First Floridians

“Makes the convincing case that the challenges of researching Florida’s submerged history are not insurmountable and that the insights gained could transform our understanding of the early cultures of Florida and the broader North American Southeast.”—Asa R. Randall, author of Constructing Histories: Archaic Freshwater Shell Mounds and Social Landscapes of the St. Johns River, Florida “An … Continue reading New Directions in the Search for the First Floridians

Paleoindian Societies of the Coastal Southeast

"Dunbar presents new information, perspectives, and interpretations that will have a significant impact on the way archaeologists think about the initial settlement of the lower Southeast and how the dynamic late Pleistocene-early Holocene landscape influenced the lives of Paleoindian people."--Richard W. Jefferies, author of The Archaeology of Carrier Mills: 10,000 Years in the Saline Valley … Continue reading Paleoindian Societies of the Coastal Southeast

We Will Always Be Here

"The Southeastern Indian people found their voices in this work. They are alive and well--still on their land!"--Hiram F. Gregory, coauthor of The Historic Indian Tribes of Louisiana: From 1542 to the Present "This collection fills a major void in our understanding of recent southern history by offering a wide-ranging selection of southern Indians a … Continue reading We Will Always Be Here

Southeastern Archaeological Conference 2014

Last weekend, UPF director Meredith Babb and editor-at-large Judith Knight traveled up to Greenville, South Carolina for the 2014 meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SEAC). This year’s meeting had record-breaking attendance—and we took record numbers of UPF books with us to display! Between panel sessions and meetings with scholars, we were very busy selling books … Continue reading Southeastern Archaeological Conference 2014

Vibrant Southeastern Landscapes Year-Round

Landscaping with Conifers and Ginkgo for the Southeast By Tom Cox and John M. Ruter Pubdate: 4/16/13 This colorful, comprehensive new guide thoroughly lays to rest the misconception that conifers are unsuitable for the South. Presenting multiple varieties of conifers that thrive in the southern climate, as well as numerous ginkgo cultivars, homeowners are provided … Continue reading Vibrant Southeastern Landscapes Year-Round