Welcome to Our 2020 SHA Virtual Booth

This year’s Southern Historical Association conference will take place virtually November 19-21, 2020. Our virtual booth is open through December 16 and offers great deals on our history titles. Use code SHA20 for discount prices and free shipping. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth Read on for highlights and bonus material from this … Continue reading Welcome to Our 2020 SHA Virtual Booth

Women’s History: A Reading List

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Southern Association for Women Historians (SAWH). In recognition of this milestone we’ve curated a selection of our books focusing on women’s history. Read about the development of southern women’s history, the lives of women in the South, and the stories of women who fought for the environment … Continue reading Women’s History: A Reading List

Southern Historical Association 2018

We had a great time in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Southern Historical Association’s annual meeting. Director Meredith Morris-Babb and acquisitions editor Sian Hunter brought some of our new southern history books to the conference, and it was great to meet with all the historians and authors who visited our booth. Matthew Hild and Keri Leigh … Continue reading Southern Historical Association 2018

Unequal Freedoms

“Ambitious and convincing. This is the first examination of the role of European immigrants in the most southern of U.S. cities and the way that they and their ethnic children conformed to or dissented from the norms of the dominant white Southern culture.”—Walter D. Kamphoefner, author of The Westfalians: From Germany to Missouri “Demonstrates the … Continue reading Unequal Freedoms

Unlikely Dissenters

“Stefani redefines the proverbial ‘southern lady’ with a close look at over fifty white, anti-racist women. Concentrating on traits that linked these women across two generations, Unlikely Dissenters provides the first comprehensive study of how these southern women both employed and destroyed a stereotype.”—Gail S. Murray, editor of Throwing Off the Cloak of Privilege “Presents … Continue reading Unlikely Dissenters

Creating and Consuming the American South

"This wide-ranging volume reminds us consistently that the U.S. South has always been an invention but one that exerts uncanny mobility across multiple borders and histories."—Melanie Benson Taylor, author of Reconstructing the Native South: American Indian Literature and the Lost Cause "The quality and variety of the essays, the intelligent introduction, the rich topic, and … Continue reading Creating and Consuming the American South

March Review Roundup: Sorghum, Swamps, Sinkholes!

Over 130 reviews, news stories, and magazine articles featured our authors and books this month. We're pleased to share highlights from a select few. . One of our new titles for spring, Sorghum's Savor by Ronni Lundy, gave one blogger reason to celebrate Pi Day. Nancie McDermott made Lundy's sorghum pecan pie and served it for breakfast! The book "shares … Continue reading March Review Roundup: Sorghum, Swamps, Sinkholes!

When Tobacco Was King

When Tobacco Was King: Families, Farm Labor, and Federal Policy in the Piedmont Evan P. Bennett In When Tobacco Was King, Evan Bennett examines the agriculture of tobacco, the South's original staple crop. Advances in technology and shifts in labor and farming policy have altered the way of life for tobacco farmers, but rather than putting an … Continue reading When Tobacco Was King