Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener

“Gardening in Florida is not like gardening elsewhere. This is a book that will surely prove useful to every other gardener ‘transplanted’ to Florida from somewhere else—and the rest of us who are still catching on despite years here in the Sunshine State.”—Craig N. Huegel, author of The Nature of Plants: An Introduction to How Plants … Continue reading Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener

The Greenway Imperative

“Practitioner, philosopher, and pragmatist, no one knows more about greenways than Chuck Flink. This book tells the story of communities that have transformed neglected places into prosperous places, but it also sets out a compelling vision for a national network of interconnected trails and greenspaces that can provide multiple benefits for people, communities, and our … Continue reading The Greenway Imperative

Wild Capital

“Amasses a wealth of information pertaining to an urgent topic—how can modern humans co-exist with wildlife and their ecosystems in a sustainable manner?”—Roger L. Reep, coauthor of The Florida Manatee: Biology and Conservation “In Wild Capital, Jones offers us a compelling and easily understood way to change how we value wildlife and wild lands. I encourage … Continue reading Wild Capital

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard

“Takes the mystery out of transforming the common urban landscape into a true Florida paradise filled with wildlife activity and native colors and textures. You can’t go wrong following this logical step-by-step process.”—Lisa Roberts, executive director, Florida Wildflower Foundation “Ideal guidance for those converting their traditional turf-dominated landscape into a more sustainable and wildlife-friendly one.”—Stephen … Continue reading A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard

Sea Level Rise in Florida

"A scientifically credible and highly readable account of what is likely the greatest threat to Florida's environment, economy, and culture over the coming decades."--Reed F. Noss, author of Forgotten Grasslands of the South "Every Floridian should read this book. It is the clearest and most readable description of how and why the sea level changes … Continue reading Sea Level Rise in Florida

Gatorbytes Behind-the-Story: When the Seas Rise

In April 2015, the University of Florida and the University Press of Florida launched Gatorbytes, a digital book series following the innovative research taking place at UF. Intended to pique the interests of the intellectually curious and to share the stories behind the discoveries being made at UF, the books are written by professional journalists.  “They know how … Continue reading Gatorbytes Behind-the-Story: When the Seas Rise

Crime at Kew: Rare Water Lily Stolen from Gardens

Craig Pittman is an award-winning journalist who writes about environmental issues for Florida's largest newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times. He is the author of Scent of Scandal: Greed, Betrayal, and the World's Most Beautiful Orchid,  making him the perfect person to weigh in on the latest botanical scandal, this time across the pond: the theft of an extremely rare water … Continue reading Crime at Kew: Rare Water Lily Stolen from Gardens

Whooping Cranes & the Keystone Pipeline: Kathleen Kaska Guest Post

Whooping Cranes’ Battle for Survival Continues:Part Three: Keystone PipelineBy Kathleen Kaska In order for a species to thrive, it must have a safe, sustainable habitat. When species are threatened or endangered, it is usually because of habitat destruction, either due to development or pollution from that development.Endangered whooping cranes spend their summer in Wood Buffalo National … Continue reading Whooping Cranes & the Keystone Pipeline: Kathleen Kaska Guest Post