60th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion

On April 17, 1961, Cuban exiles backed by the CIA came together to try to overthrow Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. Most of the approximately 1,500 men of Brigade 2506 were captured by Castro’s forces in Cuban swamps and jailed until December 1962. About 114 died. Now available in paperback, Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of … Continue reading 60th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs Invasion

Awards Announcement: Our Authors’ Recent Wins

THE UNIVERSITY PRESS OF FLORIDA PROUDLY PRESENTS OUR MOST RECENT AWARD-WINNING BOOKS AND AUTHORS! Taste the Islands by Hugh Sinclair, Cynthia Verna, and Calibe Thompson The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have released their Summer Harvest List. In the category for celebrity chef/television in English, Taste the Islands is the winner for the country of Jamaica.Taste … Continue reading Awards Announcement: Our Authors’ Recent Wins

The Mariel Boatlift

“In this informative and moving work, historian Triay (Fleeing Castro) expertly explores one of the most infamous refugee crises in U.S. history. . . . This compassionate and accessible study is especially relevant given current debates surrounding immigration.”—Publishers Weekly “With the rigor of an accomplished historian and the grace of a superb storyteller, Victor Andres … Continue reading The Mariel Boatlift