Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

"Aristotle and Aquinas are ubiquitous ghostly presences in Joyce’s work. With meticulous and wide-ranging scholarship, O’Rourke provides readers with a treasure trove of insights into these appearances, touching on issues as diverse as identity, stability through change, the nature of beauty, and love. O’Rourke makes a powerful case that understanding these references is crucial to … Continue reading Joyce, Aristotle, and Aquinas

Deadly Virtue

“Fresh and innovative. Using a comparative and Atlantic World perspective, Martel suggests alternate ways of looking at colonial Florida and provides new answers to old questions regarding settler-native interactions during the sixteenth century.”—Daniel S. Murphree, author of Constructing Floridians: Natives and Europeans in the Colonial Floridas, 1513–1783 In Deadly Virtue: Fort Caroline and the Early Protestant Roots … Continue reading Deadly Virtue