The Greenway Imperative

“Practitioner, philosopher, and pragmatist, no one knows more about greenways than Chuck Flink. This book tells the story of communities that have transformed neglected places into prosperous places, but it also sets out a compelling vision for a national network of interconnected trails and greenspaces that can provide multiple benefits for people, communities, and our … Continue reading The Greenway Imperative

Sea Level Rise in Florida

"A scientifically credible and highly readable account of what is likely the greatest threat to Florida's environment, economy, and culture over the coming decades."--Reed F. Noss, author of Forgotten Grasslands of the South "Every Floridian should read this book. It is the clearest and most readable description of how and why the sea level changes … Continue reading Sea Level Rise in Florida

Decadence, Excellence & Architecture – Another Lesson from the Maya

Maya Architecture: Temples in the Sky by Kenneth Treister Available Now Best known as the sculptor of the Holocaust memorial in Miami, Kenneth Treister turns his expertise of architecture toward the Maya and draws new conclusions about the collapse of their society. In the process, he identifies striking potential parallels to modern day economic concerns … Continue reading Decadence, Excellence & Architecture – Another Lesson from the Maya