It’s that time of year again, when we here at the University Press of Florida partake in the semiannual merry-go-round that is the assembly of our seasonal sales kits. This time around we had all hands on deck as the entire marketing department came together to pull, sort, and stuff papers into what seem like way-too-small folders bursting with information on our newest titles. Watch as interns, publicists, marketing and metadata managers join together to make this amazing achievement happen in a matter of hours—all to the tune of “Jerusalem Ridge” by local Gainesville musician/fiddler, Jon Gaunt.




s15 sales kit
University Press of Florida sales kits

The finished sales kits are now traveling to New York City, where our deputy director Dennis Lloyd is meeting with sales representatives and wholesale buyers THIS WEEK to present our upcoming Spring/Summer titles!

Dennis and S15 sales kits
Dennis Lloyd on his way to New York


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