An Old French Trilogy

“A new translation into modern English of an important and influential set of Old French epic poems. Humorous and human, complete with love interest and combat, trickery and travel, these stories follow the fictional history of Charlemagne’s family in what is now Western Europe.”—Leslie Zarker Morgan, coeditor of Approaches to Teaching the “Song of Roland” “This … Continue reading An Old French Trilogy

An Introduction to the Sagas of Icelanders

“An excellent introduction to all aspects of reading the sagas, combining practical guidance to approaching the texts with clear delineation of the genre and comprehensive analysis of the critical literature.”—Alison Finlay, co-translator of The Saga of the Jómsvikings: A Translation with Full Introduction “Will become the standard introduction to the sagas for students who are approaching … Continue reading An Introduction to the Sagas of Icelanders

Robert J. Walker

“The story of Robert J. Walker is quite interesting and is an excellent example of how historical research can provide detailed context and illustrate the significance of dive sites. It shows the ultimately rewarding results of partnerships, mutual respect, and cooperation.”—Della A. Scott-Ireton, editor of Between the Devil and the Deep: Meeting Challenges in the Public Interpretation of … Continue reading Robert J. Walker

New Editors-in-Chief of Bioarchaeology International Journal

The University of Florida Press is pleased to announce that Dr. Gwen Robbins Schug and Dr. Siân E. Halcrow have been appointed the new coeditors-in-chief of Bioarchaeology International. This journal, which has been led to date by the founding coeditors-in-chief, Dr. Brenda J. Baker and Dr. Sabrina C. Agarwal, is the flagship journal for the … Continue reading New Editors-in-Chief of Bioarchaeology International Journal

Archaeological Interpretations

“Tackles one of the most difficult problems in prehistoric archaeology: How can we approach an emic point of view? That is, how can we come to know how the participants in a given extinct, nonliterate culture saw themselves and understood their world? The authors do this with considerable success.”—Monica Barnes, editor, Andean Past “In seeking to … Continue reading Archaeological Interpretations

Quarantine Reads for July 2020

As we enter a new month amid the COVID-19 pandemic, University Press of Florida is pleased to offer our readers a new selection of free eBooks. This month's collection focuses on the natural world, featuring stories of adventurers and conservationists to inspire and entertain readers, plus a few guidebooks to help those who are feeling … Continue reading Quarantine Reads for July 2020

In Memory of Judith Knight

With sadness, we announce the passing of our editor-at-large Judith Knight. Since 2013, Knight acquired books for the Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series, a series devoted to the archaeological and historical study of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. In 2016, Knight received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southeastern … Continue reading In Memory of Judith Knight

A Look at Operation Pedro Pan 60 Years Later

By Deborah Shnookal, author of Operation Pedro Pan and the Exodus of Cuba's Children Despite the opening to Cuba initiated by President Obama in 2014, U.S.-Cuba relations still seem stuck in a time warp, and the airlift of 14,000 Cuban children to Miami that began almost sixty years ago remains a touchstone in this historically … Continue reading A Look at Operation Pedro Pan 60 Years Later