Genetic Joyce

“A remarkably lucid tour of genetic research as both theory and practice, a tour reflecting both how it is done and what riches it offers. With Ferrer’s guidance, we develop a clearer picture of Joyce’s working synthesis of madness and method.”—Tim Conley, author of The Varieties of Joycean Experience   “A brilliant demonstration of genetic criticism at … Continue reading Genetic Joyce

Blackness in Mexico

“A robust, compelling engagement with ideas about and the existence of Blackness in modern Mexico and its vexed relationship to contemporary Mexican citizenship.”—Herman L. Bennett, author of Colonial Blackness: A History of Afro-Mexico   Through historical and ethnographic research, Blackness in Mexico delves into the ongoing movement toward recognizing Black Mexicans as a cultural group within a nation that … Continue reading Blackness in Mexico

Below Baltimore

“In this volume, particularly in the discussion of foodways, the archaeology is clearly visible, and the unique contributions that archaeology makes come to the fore. I would recommend this study to anyone seeking to understand what long-term, synthetic archaeology can do, and how to write about it.”—Martha A. Zierden, coauthor of Charleston: An Archaeology of … Continue reading Below Baltimore

Heritage and Democracy: Crisis, Critique, and Collaboration

“With a series of well-researched and rich ethnographic case studies, this volume offers a wholesale reappraisal of how scholars might view heritage and democracy. It suggests how cultural heritage might be seen as more than an ‘authorizing’ or ‘valorizing’ discourse and instead as a form of praxis intimately linked to democratic theory.”—Brian I. Daniels, director … Continue reading Heritage and Democracy: Crisis, Critique, and Collaboration

New Paperback Release: Univision, Telemundo, and the Rise of Spanish-Language Television in the United States

“This first comprehensive scholarly history of Spanish-language television reimagines the birth of US television as not solely English speaking, geographically centered in New York, nor dominated by the big three English-language networks. . . . A good resource for scholars working in media studies, communication, marketing, and popular culture.”—Hispania “A comprehensive, detailed, and well-written history of … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Univision, Telemundo, and the Rise of Spanish-Language Television in the United States

Forensic Anthropology: An Introductory Lab Manual

Instructors: Request an exam copy here. “The perfect companion for undergraduate students taking a forensic anthropology class, providing engaging, hands-on exercises that walk students through sophisticated topics and methods. This manual also provides something that others do not: a user-friendly way to understand what constitutes data and how data is analyzed using statistics.”—Debra L. Martin, … Continue reading Forensic Anthropology: An Introductory Lab Manual

 Mary McLeod Bethune the Pan-Africanist 

“Preston’s original treatment of Mary McLeod Bethune as an international figure greatly expands the extant narrative. This exciting book not only substantiates current attention on Bethune as a major public figure, but also situates her in the geographic context of Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas, and Liberia—moving beyond her impact in the United States.”—Stephanie Y. Evans, … Continue reading  Mary McLeod Bethune the Pan-Africanist 

New Paperback Release: Teaching Haiti

“A timely effort to overcome stereotypes and decolonize knowledge. . . . This unparalleled contribution inserts seldom-heard Haitian voices and a much-needed postcolonial perspective into scholarly and personal narratives of Haiti. . . . Essential.”—Choice “Critical, informative, and forward-looking. An important and compelling volume that adds to the scholarship on Haiti while also providing valuable tools … Continue reading New Paperback Release: Teaching Haiti

En Bas Saline

“A rich body of data that can be used by many future generations. A great contribution to Caribbean archaeology and to the study of early European colonization of the Americas.”—L. Antonio Curet, coeditor of Islands at the Crossroads: Migration, Seafaring, and Interaction in the Caribbean   “A compelling piece about the Indigenous communities at En Bas Saline. … Continue reading En Bas Saline

Collective Creativity and Artistic Agency in Colonial Latin America

“Important and well crafted. Reconsiders the notion of artist and artist’s biography as a technique of art historical research and analysis for the early modern Americas. The impact of this critical reframing should transcend Latin America itself, going beyond the region to reshape the ways in which art historians think about the idea of the … Continue reading Collective Creativity and Artistic Agency in Colonial Latin America