Atlantic Passages

“Makes a fresh and compelling intervention, and provides a new theoretical framing for thinking about Liberia’s uncomfortable place in the history of American expansion.”—Bronwen Everill, author of Abolition and Empire in Sierra Leone and Liberia “In this original and thought-provoking study, Murray forces a reconsideration of the very ideas of race and racial identity in the … Continue reading Atlantic Passages

Finding Fairness

“A sweeping history of human societies redefined by the importance of our evolved expectation for fairness, which appears to have been just as critical to the human story as big brains, bipedalism, the capacity for language, and opposable thumbs.”—Neill J. Wallis, coeditor of New Histories of Pre-Columbian Florida “In this magisterial and wide-ranging comparative study of … Continue reading Finding Fairness

About the Publishers: University Press of Florida and UF Press

Thanks to all of our readers who follow our blog for news about our books and authors! Today we wanted to take some time to introduce the publishers behind the books you read about here. Located in Gainesville, Florida, our staff of 22 oversees all aspects of each book’s life cycle, from acquisitions to editorial, … Continue reading About the Publishers: University Press of Florida and UF Press

Books for Black History Month

This month, we’re highlighting a wide variety of our new and classic books on the histories and cultures of the African diaspora. Recent titles include the story of exiled Black Panther Pete O’Neal, a cookbook of Gullah cuisine from chef Sallie Ann Robinson, essays on the relationship between NASA and the civil rights movement, and … Continue reading Books for Black History Month

Deep History’s Lesson on Criminal Justice Reform

By Justin Jennings, author of Finding Fairness: From Pleistocene Foragers to Contemporary Capitalists This book is available at a discount price and free shipping through February 1, 2021. Order here and use code CHUA21 at checkout. George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Breonna Taylor—just some of the Black lives lost in recent police encounters. Regrettably, my … Continue reading Deep History’s Lesson on Criminal Justice Reform

The Archaeology of Revolting Heritage

By Paul R. Mullins, author of Revolting Things: An Archaeology of Shameful Histories and Repulsive Realities This book is available at a discount price and free shipping through February 1, 2021. Order here and use code CHUA21 at checkout. On March 16, 1922, the body of an African-American man was found in the woods in a riverside … Continue reading The Archaeology of Revolting Heritage

Q&A with Mary Puckett

University Press of Florida is pleased to introduce our new acquisitions editor for historical archaeology, Mary Puckett. Read our Q&A with Mary below. If you'd like to view our new books in the field, please visit our SHA Historical and Underwater Archaeology Book Sale.  Tell us about yourself and your background. I started working part-time … Continue reading Q&A with Mary Puckett

Onstage with Martha Graham

From bomber pilot to lifelong dancer “Hodes’s voice rings clear and impeccably his own. I relish his up-close stories about Martha Graham, a creator he admired and served, and his artist’s reflections, expressed with insight and a force undiminished throughout a long and vibrant life in dance.”—Sally Hess, former codirector, Swarthmore College Dance Program “Hodes … Continue reading Onstage with Martha Graham

Revolting Things

“A bold and challenging contribution to archaeological and heritage scholarship. Mullins’s forward-thinking case studies invite readers to grapple with the prejudices, discomfort, and trauma that accompany unsettling historical experiences.”—Krysta Ryzewski, coeditor of Contemporary Archaeology and the City: Creativity, Ruination, and Political Action “A timely answer to an increased interest in dark heritage writ large. Mullins demonstrates … Continue reading Revolting Things

Writing the New World

“A lucid, forceful, and beautifully written study of faith, nature, and politics in the early modern Hispanic monarchy. This is an important book that urges political philosophy to deal more squarely with empire’s complicated historical relationship to ecology and knowledge.”—John Slater, author of Todos son hojas: Literatura e Historia Natural en el Barroco español   … Continue reading Writing the New World