New Paperback Release: The Denmark Vesey Affair

Choice Outstanding Academic Title  “Aims to prove that even if the revolt itself didn’t actually happen, the plot did exist, and that it was the most sophisticated collective plot against slavery in the U.S.”—Time  “A truly invaluable collocation of documents. Highly Recommended.”—Choice  “Presents a panoply of documents pertinent to the Vesey conspiracy’s origins, unraveling, and aftermath … Continue reading New Paperback Release: The Denmark Vesey Affair

The Cuban Sandwich

“An excellent, approachable resource on Cuban history told through the complexities of a beloved food item. Highly recommended for foodies and history buffs.”—Library Journal, Starred Review “In this new perspective on a passionate, long-standing contest, University of South Florida academics Huse and Cruz and food writer Houck suss out the origins of the Cuban sandwich and … Continue reading The Cuban Sandwich

Jewish Experiences across the Americas

“Opens new avenues of discovery and inquiry into the Jewish experience. Spanning both the centuries and the diverse geography of the Jewish presence in the Americas, this volume provides the reader with a greater appreciation for the historical, political, and cultural forces that helped to shape societies on global and local levels.”—Darrell B. Lockhart, editor … Continue reading Jewish Experiences across the Americas

Highlights from our 2021 SHA Virtual Booth

This year’s Southern Historical Association Meeting has moved online. Our virtual booth is open through December 15, 2021 and offers great deals on our Southern history titles. Use code SHA21 for discount prices and free shipping. Click Here to View all Titles in Our Virtual Booth Read on for highlights and bonus material from this … Continue reading Highlights from our 2021 SHA Virtual Booth

Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

This fall, while some conferences are planning in person meetings, many are still offering online formats or hybrid options. We are hosting online virtual booths and book sales on our website in connection with the meetings below. Whether you are attending these meetings in person or virtually, visit our virtual booths for deep discounts on … Continue reading Fall 2021 Virtual Booths

People Power

“Provides an inspiring example to organizers, writers, educators, and others looking for ways to live that are consistent with their ideals.”—Texas Observer “Lawrence Goodwyn helped reframe our understanding of American history. This wonderful book, People Power, enlarges our understanding of Goodwyn’s contribution to his students, to organizing, and to the making of history. It is a … Continue reading People Power

Spring Virtual Booth Sales Extended

The spring conferences we participated in this year were held virtually, and we have been hosting virtual booths with deep discounts on our books and free shipping. All discounts have been extended through July 31, 2021. AHA History Sale  Use Code AHA21 at checkout. AAIHS African American Studies Sale Use Code AAIH21 at checkout. SAA … Continue reading Spring Virtual Booth Sales Extended

Slavery and Freedom in the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War Era

“We know remarkably little about how the Shenandoah Valley’s African Americans negotiated the vexing uncertainties of secession, civil war, and Reconstruction. This compelling and accessibly written narrative foregrounds the struggles of freedom-seeking enslaved persons in America’s most turbulent era.”—Brian Matthew Jordan, author of Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War“A groundbreaking study that demonstrates … Continue reading Slavery and Freedom in the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War Era

Atlantic Passages

“Makes a fresh and compelling intervention, and provides a new theoretical framing for thinking about Liberia’s uncomfortable place in the history of American expansion.”—Bronwen Everill, author of Abolition and Empire in Sierra Leone and Liberia “In this original and thought-provoking study, Murray forces a reconsideration of the very ideas of race and racial identity in the … Continue reading Atlantic Passages