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Praise for Recent Anthropology Titles

Negotiated Settlements: Andean Communities and Landscapes under Inka and Spanish Colonialism

by Steven A. Wernke

Fascinating and innovative… presents a rigorous methodology.—Antiquity 

A must have for all Peruvian archaeologists,enthnohistorians, and historians, as well as for Andeanists in general.—Choice

A groundbreaking study which has set the bar high for further prehistoric and colonial archaeologists working in the Andes and elsewhere.—Journal of Anthropological Research 

A compelling narrative about local adaptation to colonialism.—American Anthropologist 

Theoretically profound, methodologically sophisticated, beautifully illustrated, and empirically rich.—Historical Archaeology


Cusco: Urbanism and Archaeology in the Inka World

by Ian Farrington

A 2013 Choice Outstanding Academic Title

No other book has focused so extensively on the oldest existing city in the Americas, and it fills a significant void in the study of pre-Hispanic urbanism. A magnificent accomplishment and model for other ancient urban studies.—Choice 

The first comprehensive scholarly text that uses archaeological data and historical descriptions to analyze the making, development, and urban life of Cuzco during the Inca period… [a] rich analysis.—Hispanic American Historical Review

An urgently needed analysis of the city leading up to the Spanish conquest.—Journal of Anthropological Research 

The pioneering achievement of this book is the combination of archaeological, architectural, and archival-documentary sources, to reconstruct and understand the planning and function of the Inca capital, Cusco.—Anthropos

Provides both an essential documentation of the archaeology of Inka Cuzco and many ideas that will inform and spur future research.—American Anthropologist


Cultural Heritage Management: A Global Perspective

Edited by Phyllis Mauch Messenger and George S. Smith

An extremely useful resource with which to compare different management systems.—Museum Anthropology Review 

An eye opener to the reality of cultural heritage, which despite being of increasingly value in our global world, keeps on being threatened by destruction.—Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 

Nicely integrates theoretical concepts with practical evidence gathered through a wide spectrum of countries, types of cultural resources of different sizes, economic development, and geographical locations.—Journal of Tourism History 

Provides a framework for reflection and debate and offers valuable avenues for further discussion as the concept of cultural heritage rapidly evolves.—American Indian Culture & Research Journal


Tracing Childhood: Bioarchaeological Investigatoins of Early Lives in Antiquity

Edited by Jennifer L. Thompson, Marta P. Alfonso-Durruty, and John J. Crandall

A nice addition to the literature on children in bioarchaeology….and these wide-ranging chapters will definitely provide a lot of fodder for classroom discussion and will be of interest to archaeologists and bioarchaeologists alike.—American Journal of Human Biology

Will foster a dialogue among scholars on research strategies that combine archaeological, anthropological, and historical information to better interpret the lives of children to better interpret the lives of children in the past.—Midwest Archaeological Conference




Chan: An Ancient Maya Farming Community

Edited by Cynthia Robin

Illustrates what archaeological investigations and reporting should be: well written, carefully reasoned, holistic, meticulous, and enlightening to the reader.—Choice

A remarkably readable, data-thick, innovative compilation that breaks ground on archaeological research and at the same time provides textured intricacies of community patterns across millenia.—Current Anthropology 

Guaranteed to stimulate debate and…serve as a catalyst for future research, both in the Maya area and in other ancient complex societies world-wide…Chan is a tour de force.—Antiquity


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