We are pleased to present the latest book in The Florida James Joyce Series:

Modernists at Odds: Reconsidering Joyce and Lawrence

Edited by Matthew J. Kochis and Heather L. Lusty

“Challenges the unhelpful polarization of Lawrence and Joyce in much twentieth-century literary criticism and offers intriguing alternatives.”—Fiona Becket, author of The Complete Critical Guide to D. H. Lawrence

Modernism’s most contentious rivals, James Joyce and D. H. Lawrence, are usually seen as total opposites. This is the first book to explore their similarities. They shared the same literary agent, published in the same literary magazines, fought legal battles against censorship, and were both pirated by Samuel Roth. Their writing also shares classic modernist paradoxes. Looking at shared themes such as gender, class, horseracing, nature, religion, exile, and modernism’s fascination with Egyptology, Modernists at Odds points out the many connections in the major novels and short fiction of two of the most compelling writers of the twentieth century.

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