Adults are buying more coloring books than ever these days, and they are not for sons or daughters or nieces and nephews. They are buying them for themselves. We wanted to join in on the coloring fun!

Enter E.G. Barnhill, a photographer living in St. Petersburg in the early 1900s, who hand-tinted black and white photographs to sell as colorful postcards. His images were usually scenes from the natural world, but he would take artistic liberties to capture the feel of Florida through vibrant dyes. Our new book E.G. Barnhill discusses the artist’s background and features beautiful reproductions of his work.

In celebration of Barnhill’s hand-coloring techniques and his pioneering tourist art, we’ve created postcards with images adapted from the book for you to color in! We hope you enjoy tinting these landscapes with your own vibrant colors and mailing them to friends and family.

How to receive a postcard: Buy a book in our Moms, Dads, and Grads sale! Visit and use code MDG16 at checkout for 20–40% off your order, discount shipping, and a free postcard. The offer ends June 19th.

Once you create your own postcard art, share it with us on Twitter or Instagram @floridapress! Don’t forget to follow us to see some of our own staff creations over the next few weeks.

Image from E. G. Barnhill

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