10102018133123_500x500Picturing Apollo 11: Rare Views and Undiscovered Moments authors J.L. Pickering and John Bisney were recently interviewed on Blue Dot: NPR. The book was also included on Space.com‘s list of the best new books about the US Moon Landings.

“Whenever we think of Apollo 11, we think of people; not just Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin, but the 400,000 who put the mission together, the million-strong crowd who filled the beaches and roads of Cape Kennedy, and the audience of half a billion who tuned in on radio or TV. . . . Picturing Apollo 11 honours the people who strove against all odds to land a man on the Moon.”—Sky at Night Magazine

“An amazing collection of images that captures every aspect of the mission.”—Quest: The History of Human Spaceflight

“The perfect launch vehicle for younger generations to vicariously experience the nation’s nervous anticipation prior to Apollo 11’s blastoff, through to the final euphoric roar at seeing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin kick up moon dust.”—Foreword Reviews

“What this book accomplishes is something unique. . . . These images go far beyond Armstrong and Aldrin’s lunar landing to show the tense, thrilling and even mundane moments along the way in the Apollo program.”—Space


03192019125345_500x500Our forthcoming book Sallie Ann Robinson’s Kitchen: Food and Family Lore from the Lowcountry was reviewed by Publishers Weekly.

“The latest excellent entry from Robinson . . . is a more personal take on her childhood on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina. . . . This delightful cookbook also serves as an excellent regional culinary history.”—Publishers Weekly


10102018133109_500x500Dancing with Merce Cunningham

by Marianne Preger-Simon

“What Dancing with Merce Cunningham gives us is the generous and loving presence of its author, who understood the value of the work she was doing and the people who did it with her.”—Art Fuse

“Fun, easy to read, beautifully written, and very informative. With humor, passion, insight, and clarity [Preger-Simon] shares many facets of Cunningham—his work, teaching, and influence on several generations of artists.”—Journal of Dance Education



Broadway, Balanchine, and Beyond: A Memoir

by Bettijane Sills with Elizabeth McPherson

“The story of a girl growing up, who finds her independence without losing her ideal.”—Art Fuse



11062018164917_500x500Drying Up: The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida

by John M. Dunn

“Dunn’s perspective on the fresh water issues facing Florida offers context and insights on the crisis as well as possible solutions, including many at an individual level.”—Choice

“Unsettling and well-documented. . . . An eye-opening study that leaves few stones unturned.”—Foreword Reviews


03252019133156_500x500Publishers Weekly featured our forthcoming book, The Insistence of Harm by Fernando Valverde, translated by Allen Josephs and Laura Juliet Wood, in their Fall 2019 Announcements: Poetry list.




07162019142228_500x500Publishers Weekly  also highlighted Jorge Duany’s forthcoming book Picturing Cuba: Art, Culture, and Identity on the Island and in the Diaspora in their Fall 2019 Announcements: Art, Architecture & Photography list.




10132017185232_500x500Dancing in Blackness: A Memoir

by Halifu Osumare

“Expands the memoir genre, makes a strong argument for the importance of the West Coast in the development of mid-twentieth-century dance, and greatly expands our understanding of dance’s role in the Black Arts Movement. A tremendous resource for the field of dance studies’ big names.”—Dance Research Journal


charl003_500x500Zombies: An Anthropological Investigation of the Living Dead

by Philippe Charlier, translated by Richard J. Gray II

“This is an epic story, and Charlier is a thorough adventurer.”—American Book Review



marti004_500x500Revolutionary Cuba: A History

by Luis Martínez-Fernández

“A coherent, engaging, and fair-minded survey of the post-1959 period that successfully uses cultural approaches to provide a more comprehensive picture of life on the island during the Castro years, while firmly embedding the revolutionary experience within the broader narratives of Cuban history. It is well positioned to become one of the standard texts for introductory courses on Cuban revolutionary history.”—Latin American Research Review


bates001_500x500We Will Always Be Here: Native Peoples on Living and Thriving in the South

Edited by Denise E. Bates

“Essential. . . . These are stories of persistence in the face of incredible opposition and difficulty, of personal strength and community resilience despite racism and poverty, stories demonstrating how Native people have always relied on one another—what we called ‘making do’—regardless of their tribal status.”—Native American and Indigenous Studies


egert001_500x500The Denmark Vesey Affair: A Documentary History

Edited by Douglas R. Egerton and Robert L. Paquette

“A monumental achievement. . . . Essential reading for understanding not just race and slavery but also the entirety of the nineteenth-century Atlantic world.”—Journal of the Early Republic

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