The 2022 Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology is taking place this week in Philadelphia. While UPF was unable to attend, our virtual booth is open through February 15, 2022 and offers great deals on our books. Use code CHUA22 for discount prices and free shipping.

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New Titles from Our Virtual Booth
Use code CHUA22 for discounts and free shipping


Archaeologies of Indigenous Presence

Edited by Tsim D. Schneider and Lee M. Panich

Challenging narratives of Indigenous cultural loss and disappearance, this book highlights collaborative archaeological research and efforts to center the enduring histories of Native peoples in North America through case studies from several regions across the continent.


Historical Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century: Lessons from Colonial Williamsburg

Edited by Ywone D. Edwards-Ingram and Andrew C. Edwards

Offering an in-depth look at historical archaeology, public history, and reconstruction in Colonial Williamsburg, this volume provides state-of-the-art examples of how the discipline can be used to inform, engage, and educate.


The Archaeology of Craft and Industry

Christopher C. Fennell

The American Experience in Archaeological Perspective

In this expansive yet concise survey, Christopher Fennell discusses archaeological research from sites across the United States that once manufactured, harvested, or processed commodities, uncovering key insights into American history.


A Historical Archaeology of Early Spanish Colonial Urbanism in Central America

William R. Fowler

In this milestone work, William Fowler uses archaeology, history, and social theory to show that the establishment of cities was essential to Spanish colonialism. Fowler draws upon decades of research at Ciudad Vieja, a sixteenth-century site located in present-day El Salvador and the best-preserved Spanish colonial city in Latin America.


American Health and Wellness in Archaeology and History

Dale L. Hutchinson

In this book, Dale Hutchinson traces the history of American healthcare and wellbeing from the colonial era to the present, drawing on evidence from material culture and historical documents.

Now in Paperback

11082018203749_500x500Fort St. Joseph Revealed: The Historical Archaeology of a Fur Trading Post

Edited by Michael S. Nassaney

Fort St. Joseph Revealed is the first synthesis of archaeological and documentary data on one of the most important French colonial outposts in the western Great Lakes region. Located in what is now Michigan, Fort St. Joseph was home to a flourishing fur trade society from the 1680s to 1781. The site—lost for centuries—was discovered in 1998 by volume editor Michael Nassaney and his colleagues, who summarize their extensive excavations at the fort and surrounding areas in these essays.

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Use code CHUA22 for discount prices and free shipping through February 15, 2022.

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