“A timeless publication and significant contribution to the discipline. . . . Students of African America will find Warner’s book an illuminating study, and a strong example to follow.”—Historical Archaeology

“A striking interdisciplinary analysis. . . . Underscores the value of zooarchaeological analysis in informing our understanding of the past, especially of people devalued and muted in our mainstream historical texts.” —American Anthropologist

“Rooted in a meticulous study of the faunal remains excavated at an Annapolis, Maryland, house, Mark S. Warner’s book addresses sweeping questions about race, resistance, and identity.”—Journal of Southern History

“A timely and welcome addition to the literature on African American identity studies and to foodways more generally. . . . Mandatory reading for any courses concerned with the archaeology and anthropology of African Americans.”—Northeast Historical Archaeology

“Demonstrates the influence of mass consumer culture on African-American diets and the role played by food in establishing African-American identity and resistance to racism and oppression.”—Civil War Book Review

“Raises critical, important questions concerning African-American food consumption. . . . Eating in the Side Room asks readers to . . . consider the ways African-American families have exhibited agency even when alleviation of inequalities seemed nearly impossible.”—FoodAnthropology

Mark S. Warner is professor of anthropology at the University of Idaho. He is coeditor of Using and Curating Archaeological Collections, Historical Archaeology Through a Western Lens, and Annapolis Pasts: Historical Archaeology in Annapolis, Maryland.
Publication of the paperback edition made possible by a Sustaining the Humanities through the American Rescue Plan grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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