The University Press of Florida is pleased to announce the publication of seven new books:


Florida Sinkholes: Science and Policy

By Robert Brinkmann

Danger lurks beneath Florida’s tropical surface. This fascinating book is a comprehensive guide to understanding how sinkholes form and what to do about them.







Kongo across the Waters

Edited by Susan Cooksey, Robin Poynor, and Hein Vanhee

Looking at African American art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this book reveals historic links between West Central Africa and North America.






Confronting Decline: The Political Economy of Deindustrialization in Twentieth-Century New England

By David Koistinen

The newest book in our Working in the Americas series examines the demise of the New England textile industry from the 1920s through the 1980s, showing how the pattern of industrial decline repeats itself throughout the country and the world.





Indians and Wannabes: Native American Powwow Dancing in the Northeast and Beyond

By Ann M. Axtmann

This book shows how powwow dancers express and embody power through their moving bodies, and explores what these dances mean to Native American communities.







Extremism in America

Edited by George Michael

From the radical antiabortion movement to modern anarchism and eco-extremism, this book suggests how and why such arguments resonate with a considerable number of people.







Winning While Losing: Civil Rights, the Conservative Movement, and the Presidency from Nixon to Obama

Edited by Kenneth Osgood and Derrick E. White

Winning While Losing explains how presidential politics in the second half of the twentieth century both advanced and constrained the quest for racial equality in the United States.






Cuba in a Global Context: International Relations, Internationalism, and Transnationalism

Edited by Catherine Krull

The latest addition to our Contemporary Cuba series, this book examines Cuba’s reach and influence in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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